SNX Cross Shaft Power Press

SEW Cross Shaft Power Press - SNX Series SEW SNX Series Cross Shaft Power Press

High Torque

Extra Rigid Cross Shaft Power Press

  • 6 point extra long gibs
  • duly fitted with sintered bronze liners
  • High accuracy as per JIS
  • Ensures extended die tool life


SBP Series Heavy Stamping Press

SBP Series Heavy Stamping Press

Higly Rigid Frame Construction

Eight Point Long Guides

Accuracy as per JIS Thus
maintaining long & extended
die life

SEW SXP2 250

SXP-2 Series

Straight Sided Double Crank Power Press

Straight Sided Double Crank Power Press

Applicable for single & progressive die application in blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink with transfer unit

Higly rigid structure ensures consisitent dynamic precision and zero angle deflection of frame and reduced noise and vibration
Accuracy as per JIS


SNXR Series

SNXR Series

Straight Sided Ring Frame Cross Shaft Power Press

Ring Frame design virtually eliminates angular deflection

Increases accuracy for progressive die applications and extending die tool life

Accuracy as per JIS

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